n. a blog; a collection of delectable copy, catchphrases, and moments to munch on



adj. enjoyable; a snazzy word a millennial stole from a baby boomer.


adj. a replacement for a curse word commonly used around youngins’.


adj. too great or extreme to be expressed or described with words (Merriam-Webster).


v. said as if to say, “I assure you,” or “no need to worry.”

no worries

adj??? Hakuna Matata

cleanse weekend

n. a weekend dedicated to minimal outings and self care.

keeping it kosher

adj. staying cool, calm, collected, respectful. A homage to my Jewish roots.


n. a Spanish, soulful sigh of disappointment.

natti natti

n. Swedish for “night-night;” G’ma’s favorite phrase.


cool lil’ shindig

n. a social gathering that lies between lounging and dance dance revolution tournaments.

that’s wild

adj. inexplicably insane; out of this world.


adj. riddled with overwhelming compassion; Grandma’s favorite word.


n. a common term of endearment.

do-do-do-do do-do-do-do…

n. the Twilight Zone theme song, commonly used during mystical, inexplicable happenings.

you will only see people as deeply as you see yourself.
— Thought after watching 'Dead Poets Society'
image by Michael Decker, copy by Elisha Nain

image by Michael Decker, copy by Elisha Nain