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Buy Me a Matcha

Buy Me a Matcha is a freelance service for professional artists. Every matcha you buy will give me the energy to write a story for you.

comedy | rom-coms | coming-of-age | musicals food... :)

commercials | docs shortsweb / tv pilots | letters

Follow the 3 step process to get started.


step 1 : buy me a matcha

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1 matcha 🍵 = 1 page 📄

step 2 : fill out a story form

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story letters are handwritten letters about the day we first met. Haven't met yet? that's okay! I'll write a story for you. Here is proof that my handwriting is flawless:

screenplays are professional screenplays for commercials, short films and features. For writing samples, please write me. Here is the screenplay process:


1 - 2 📄

2 revisions

3 days per draft

short films

1 - 45 📄

3 revisions

6 days per draft

web / tv pilot

5 - 60 📄

4 revisions

7 - 14 days per draft

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STEP 3 : I'll write to you soon!

Please allow at least 2-3 business days for a follow up email. Pieces are mailed or emailed immediately after completion.