maid of slaughter

Swordwoman Louise is about to watch her best friend, Bridges, get married to a commoner. When word gets out that Bridges’ is death is worth millions for loving “the other kind,” Louise must choose between saving him from the deadly wedding party or giving in to her fatal command.


Semi-finalist for the Multi Stages New Works Contest

A staged reading of this play was hosted at the SCAD Museum of Art.

Illustrations by Sara Torres Jaramillo


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“It was very ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding,’” Nain said. “Then at that same time when I was writing down the notes for it, the [Pulse shooting] in Orlando happened and I was starting to think about those people out there that aren’t allowed to be themselves and love freely.
— Interviewed by Emilie Kefalas, SCAD District

Maid of Slaughter, A Staged Reading


A pensive Janet (Olyvia Scott, left) looks on as Ryan (Chryssie Therese Lewis, right) threatens to slay Bridges (Alex Fundora). Louise (Maria Cain, far right) hides behind a Virgin Mary statue.


From left: Sumo Wrestler Priest/Nun-chuck Man (Joe McGregor), Bridges (Alex Fundora), Janet (Olyvia Scott), Esther/Narrator (Averie Bueller) Louise (Marie Cain), Ryan (Chryssie Therese Lewis), and me.


The unexpected: Unrequited love visits death scene. Louise (Cain) comforts Ryan (Therese Lewis) as Ryan confesses her love for her.


Congratulating the incredible cast and hosting a Q&A.