elisha nain
ELISHA NAIN (b. 1994). Photo by  Aliyah Curry

ELISHA NAIN (b. 1994). Photo by Aliyah Curry


I am a writer and producer who loves to spread empathy. I practice empathy by writing stories as if they are love letters to someone special. This approach to storytelling allows me to write and produce sentimental tales that connect people to causes, and people to people no matter the medium. I am currently seeking opportunities in theater production and event programming where I can collaborate with creatives to bring sentimental stories to life.


honors and achievements

for digital marketing, screenwriting, playwriting, and event management





civil liberties & public policy conference (clpp)

Panelist. Black and Jewish Liberation Practices in the Pro-Choice Movement:

as an intersectional Black Afro Latina women, I stood among others within the Black and Jewish community to discuss combating prejudice between our communities and how to mediate them. I recited a speech time lining the unjust medical practices performed on Black women in America since America's inception into the rise of the reproductive justice movement.