elisha nain
ELISHA NAIN (b. 1994). Photo by  Aliyah Curry

ELISHA NAIN (b. 1994). Photo by Aliyah Curry

my mission

I love to spread empathy. I practice empathy by writing stories as if they are love letters to someone special. This approach to storytelling allows me to write and produce sentimental tales that connect people to brands, people to causes, and people to people no matter the medium. I am currently seeking opportunities where I can collaborate with creatives to bring sentimental stories to life.

my story

I graduated from SCAD with a BFA in Dramatic Writing in June 2017. Since then I worked several film & television sets, fled from Hurricane Irma, and landed a position as the Coordinator of Student Activities at my alma mater. I have the honor of sculpting young artists into creative professionals, teaching large scale programming (i.e. festivals, concert organizing) and conditioning student clubs to function like small businesses.

In between my teachings, I spoke on social and reproductive rights at the Civil Liberties and Public Policy Conference (CLPP) in Hampshire College with a panel of femme activists. Our panel, “Black and Jewish Liberation of the Pro-Choice Movement,” was a safe space where our Jewish and Black communities could address prejudices between us. As an intersectional American (Black, Latina, Jewish), I embrace any opportunity to celebrate the world’s blended spirit.

I will be bringing my speech on women’s rights to the TEDx Savannah stage in June 2019.

I find fulfillment in these roles, yet as soon as I settled down, I received a letter from Spain. Bilbo Baggins received her call to adventure.

In December 2018, I traveled to El Bruc, Spain to attend the Can Serrat Creative Residency Program. Upon landing, my mother told me my great-great grandfather was a Spanish man with the surname Pulmares - that when our ancestors transcend oceans, we move for love. I developed an autobiographical musical entitled Mi Boca in a farmhouse. When exploring the countryside, embracing Barcelona, I was engulfed by Catalan revolutionaries rioting to recede from Spain. I tend to be in other countries during a significant time in their history as I learn to harmonize with my own.

Before flying home, I granted myself one wish: to see my Grandmother in Norway. She is from Sierra Leone and moved to Norway with my Uncle in the 70s. I got to spend my holiday with a woman I had only written letters to since I was 4-years-old. She is the light of my life.

Throughout my journey, however unconventional it may be, I aim to return to my storytelling roots to fulfill my purpose as an empathetic voice.