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 ELISHA NAIN (b. 1994). Photo by Philip Graham

ELISHA NAIN (b. 1994). Photo by Philip Graham

Hi, my name is Elisha Nain.

If you're looking for a screenwriter with an old soul, you've come to the write place... I believe in a timeless story just as much as I believe in hardcover books and handwritten letters.

In 2017, I graduated from SCAD with a BFA in Dramatic Writing. For my senior thesis, I produced a doc series called The Artist Doctrine about novice artists finding their voices in the creative industry.

I will attend the Can Serrat Residency Program in Spain to write a musical in winter 2018.

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Born in MD, grew up in Winchester, Virginia (DMV for life!)

My favorite movie of all time is A Goofy Movie.

The inside of my brain looks like a compilation of family home videos, intermittent musical numbers, product placement of my favorite foods (i.e. Hominy), accompanied by 20th-century vinyl records.

John Patrick Shanley likes my tweets and I CANNOT HANDLE IT. I mean, have you seen Moonstruck??? 

The American Dream brought my multiracial, multilingual family together.